NATEFACS is a national organization of teacher educators whose purpose is to improve and strengthen teacher education in family and consumer sciences.

As the professional field of family and consumer sciences (FCS) is constantly evolving based on societal demands, so does the preparation and role of FCS teacher educators. With a national shortage of both secondary FCS teachers and FCS teacher educators, new issues and concerns are occurring which requires us to re-imagine our role in the profession. As a member of the National Association of Teacher Educators of Family and Consumer Sciences or NATEFACS, I would encourage you to not only reach out to your fellow teacher educators, but also those that lead secondary programs at the state and local levels. Perhaps with all of us working together, we can populate the secondary classrooms with high quality FCS teachers, some of which will want to become teacher educators!

Dr. Carol R. Werhan,
PhD. Assistant Clinical Professor Family & Consumer Sciences Education

FACS Graduate Fellowships

Fellowships will be given to qualified family and consumer sciences education graduate students to promote further education and professional development within family and consumer sciences education. The number and value of fellowships granted depends on current earnings and financial status of fund. Fellowship amounts have ranged from $2,000 - $4,000.

Applications with all supporting credentials and references should be received by October 1st of each academic year.

All materials should be sent to
Debra Price, Chair of Fellowship Committee

Fellowship Application

Please print and fill out the Fellowship Application, make a copy of it for yourself, and mail a copy to the address above with all required attachments. Fellowship Application fellowship-application Graduate FACS Fellowship applications are reviewed by the Fellowship committee using the follow criteria: