Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences Education

Volume 28, Issue 2
Fall/Winter 2010

Refereed Articles*
Teacher Education Priorities of Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher Education Programs: A Modified Delphi Study
Kimberlee Davis                                                                                                                    

Enhancing the Teaching of Family and Consumer Sciences: The Role of Graphic Organisers
Safenaz Ali Alshatti
James J. Watters
Gillian Kidman

High School Students’ Perceptions of Family and Consumer Sciences Education as a Career in the Jackson Purchase District of Kentucky
Stacey M. Rattray
Jennifer Calvin

Program Management Needs of Family and Consumer Sciences Teachers in Idaho
Allen Kitchel
Sally E. Arnett
John Cannon
Dennis Duncan

Promising Practices Articles*
Constructing Blank Cloth Dolls to Assess Sewing Skills: A Service Learning Project
Holly Kihm
Debbie Johnson
Jamie Napolitano

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