Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences Education

Volume 1, Issue 3
Summer 1983

Refereed Articles*
Characteristics of Faculty, Students, and Programs in Home Economics Teacher Education
Helen C. Hall
Sharon A. Wallace
Sylvia L. Lee

The Development of EDITHE: A Computer Program for Preservice Home Economics Teachers
Cheryl O. Hausafus
Penny A. Ralston

Integrating Inquiry Approaches for Curriculum Evaluation: A Home Economics Application
Patricia M. Copa
Joanne H. Parsons

The Professional Preparedness of Secondary Occupational Home Economics Teachers
Wendy L. Way
Barbara B. Dougherty

Perceptions of Consumer and Homemaking Education
Penny L. Burge
Daisy l. Cunningham

Time Spent in Housework by Urban Husbands
Frances Cogle Lawrence
Betty C. Harrison
Felicia E. Eghan
Deborah K. Babcock

Food and Agricultural Education Information System
Kyle Jane Coulter
Marge Stanton

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